The Tezos Ecosystem is home to builders, creators and innovators from across the globe. Discover some of our locally-originated projects below.


Through Tezos, we’re proud to partner with an array of acclaimed brands and organisations who are choosing to innovate on Tezos.

FloSports, the fastest-growing subscription video streaming platform dedicated to offering live and on-demand access to 25+ sports in the US and abroad, has successfully pioneered NFT offerings on Tezos for their fans and athletes.

Manchester United have partnered with Tezos to introduce new fan experiences to Manchester United fans worldwide, as well as featuring Tezos branding on the Club's training kit.

Red Bull Racing had a technical partnership with Tezos to build its first ever NFT fan experience.

Misfits Gaming Group are building multiple cutting-edge gaming projects on the Tezos Blockchain.

Team Vitality are leveraging blockchain technology to build innovative new fan experiences.

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