Bringing projects to life on the Tezos Blockchain

Our London team works with creators, entrepreneurs, brands, organisations and technologists to support the building of projects on the Tezos Blockchain.

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Supporting an array of people and projects



We work with early-stage entrepreneurs, on everything ranging from guidance and consulting to research, technical scaling, funding opportunities and ecosystem introductions. Apply for a grant here


VCs & Incubators

We partner with VCs on Web3 deal flow, investment opportunities as well as PR and special projects.


Creators & Artists

The Tezos ecosystem actively nurtures a growing community of Web3 creators and collectors who choose the platform in part due to its low gas fees and energy-efficiency, but most importantly for the committed engagement of its community.


Developer Support

We support developers both new to, and experienced in building on Tezos: from training and community meetups, to introductions and project support projects, continual learning and connections. Discover the Tezos Developer Portal


Brands & Organisations

We work with a diverse range of consumer and business brands, and organisations. Whether your team is new or native to Web3, our teams can help you unlock value.

Evolving the Tezos Ecosystem

Our in-house core developers support the technological advancement of Tezos by pushing the state of art blockchain at its technological core - the protocol. 

They work alongside brilliant teams across the world to keep Tezos at the forefront of innovation. 

These teams are supported by the Tezos Foundation that deploys resources and grants to support the long-term success of tezos.

Recent projects

We collaborate with an array of people and projects: from entrepreneurs and developers, to artists and brands of all sizes.

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