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FloSports, the fastest-growing subscription video streaming platform dedicated to offering live and on-demand access to 25+ sports in the US and abroad, has successfully pioneered NFT offerings on Tezos for their fans and athletes.

Out of the 25 sports they cover, FloGrappling (covering the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) was selected as the starting point for the Tezos NFT program due to the deeper levels of fan engagement and existing knowledge of NFTs, blockchain, and the crypto space relative to the other live-streamed sports they cover.

The FloSports NFT strategy was created with a two-pronged approach: build community and foster adoption through Proof of Attendance/Proof of Viewership NFT giveaways and then transition into a fully-formed offering of exclusive experiences featuring the biggest athletes in grappling and wrestling, as well as a library of collectible moments in the sport of dirt track racing.

Leveraging three separate Jiu Jitsu events for NFT integrations yielded an 83% increase in claims from the first to the second event, and a 207% increase from the second to the third event. This has allowed FloSports to build an NFT-centric community, drive value for athletes and sponsors, and create unique opportunities for fan engagement by deploying both in-person as well as in-broadcast activations via Proof of Viewership and Proof of Attendance NFTs.

Building on this success, the team at FloSports is planning to expand their NFT offerings by developing NFT collections for racing fans utilizing broadcast and content footage, creating one-of-a-kind jiu-jitsu and wrestling athlete-centric experiences tied to ticketing NFTs, and offering exclusive merchandise and event giveaways for NFT holders.

“The Tezos partnership has opened up powerful opportunities for our deeply passionate fan base to further engage with the sports they love. We are excited about introducing exclusive ways to connect our audience with professional athletes as well as offering them the ability to engage with and consume content in new ways via NFTs.”-
Philip Vonthron  - Head of Integrated Partnerships