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Life at Trilitech | David Ryan - Community Manager


Welcome to our new blog series where we’ll be introducing you to the incredible individuals that make up our team here at Trilitech. Get ready to dive deep into their roles, the impact they’re having on the Tezos project, and their unique journeys into the world of Web3.

In the first edition of this series, we have David Ryan, Community Manager at Trilitech. David was the first community hire back in August 2023. Since then, our community team has expanded, growing to a team of five dedicated individuals.

Let's chat with David.  

Tell us about your journey into Web3.

I grew up on the internet and dived into Web3 early on. Professionally, I've been in the industry since 2020. I started at a small start-up, wearing multiple hats in product marketing, brand marketing, business development and leading community initiatives. 

It’s been a journey! I kickstarted various projects and initiatives along the way before joining Trilitech in August 2023.

What does your role as a community manager entail?

As the first community hire at Trilitech, there was one thing I really wanted to focus on: understanding our community inside and out. 

This meant diving deep into the Tezos community, mapping everything out in order to figure out where they hang out—artists mainly being on Twitter, tech enthusiasts on Discord and Telegram, developers and traders on Reddit, and so on.

Essentially, my role is about building relationships, understanding needs, and fostering a vibrant community in the Tezos ecosystem.

What is community management to you?

Think of it this way: marketing's job is to throw an epic party and get people through the door. The role of a community manager? We’re the hosts who ensure everyone has a great time, stay as long as possible, and keep coming back for more. 

Another important aspect of community work is making sure that we get insights from our community members to inform significant decisions around product development and marketing strategies.

Tell us about a current project you're working on.

Right now, I'm all hands on deck with Etherlink. My focus has been on crafting a go-to-market strategy and ensuring our community initiatives are top-tier. We're ramping up engagement on TwitterDiscord, and other platforms to capture the right audience from the get-go.

How has your role changed since your first month here?

Our marketing team has grown significantly which has given me flexibility on where to focus my efforts. 

We're spending more time aligning with the broader team's vision, hosting regular community calls, gathering feedback through surveys, and doubling down on Etherlink to foster a thriving community.

What three words come to mind when you think of Trilitech?

Fast-paced, innovative, and collaborative.

How would you describe the company culture? 

The team thrives on fast-paced decision-making. It's empowering and encourages you to share your opinions and contribute meaningfully. 

Why Trilitech?

Smaller-scale companies didn't quite scratch the itch for me. Trilitech offered the perfect balance of structure, professionalism, and the opportunity to work on impactful projects that make a real difference.

How was your experience relocating to London?

London's been a blast! The team was really supportive, guiding me through the visa process and making sure I was settled once I’d made the move.

I’d only visited London once before and loved the vibrancy. There's always something happening, but you can still find pockets of calm and green spaces to unwind. The diversity across different boroughs is great. 

Have you had any standout moments since joining?

Kickstarting the community with Etherlink has definitely been a highlight. One standout moment was the day we launched the Etherlink Discord and Twitter accounts. We got around 3,500 members and over 20,000 messages on the Discord server in less than 90 minutes. It was amazing to see!

What's next on your radar for the coming months?

I'm excited about the future of Etherlink and doubling down on community and social initiatives. We're focused on standing out in a way that's unique to Trilitech and making an even bigger impact within our community-driven decisions. 

Plus, we're brainstorming ways to ramp up the conversation around Tezos—watch this space!

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