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Introducing our Chief Happiness Officer(s)


Disclaimer: You don’t have to be a dog lover to work with us, but if you are, read on! 

TriliTech has joined the ranks of companies such as Uber and Google by opening the office to our canine friends. From entertainment, to welcome distraction and much-needed affection during busy periods, the presence of dogs has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the general office atmosphere. 

It’s even backed up by science. Studies show that dogs stimulate oxytocin levels in humans, encouraging a sense of calm and focus. They’re stress-relievers too, according to a study conducted by Washington State University in 2019, which found that stroking a dog for 10 minutes reduced cortisol levels. 

Not a dog lover? It’s ok. The office is spacious enough that you might not even know your colleague has their pet napping under the table on the floor below. So far, the verdict from TriliTech staff has been unanimously positive and the dogs have proven a popular addition to the team. The only thing we can’t agree on is which should be crowned Chief Happiness Officer…

Big shoutout to Max, Frankie, Billie and Lyra for doing some of the most valuable work in the office!