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Tezos x Art Basel 2022

CategoryArts & Culture
"NFTs are here to stay. Blockchains such as the most sustainable of them all, Tezos, are helping re-imagine the digital canvas for generative artists. As with technology, art is in a constant state of evolution. Tezos’ Art Basel exhibition explores the evolutionary intersection between art and technology, where artists are reimagining what generative art could be in this new medium."

Forbes, The Best Of Art Basel 2022

This year’s visitors to the Tezos Art Basel stand were reaching for their digital wallets—or creating them on the spot—to mint NFT editions of the generative works on display for free, at the scan of a QR code.

Tezos presented ‘Chance Encounters in New Mediums: Generative Art’, a ground-breaking exhibition designed inclusively to allow visitors to co-create in real-time.

The show looked at how art and technology are evolving together, and how artists around the world are redefining what generative art might be in this new medium. 

Generative art platform fx(hash) was at the heart of the show. It is a one-of-a-kind tool in the field of NFT art, allowing collectors to interact with generative art in a whole new way via the blockchain technology. 

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